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Speech by president Jin Ergang of China rehabilitation apparatus Association at the director meeting of the special committee

"Hello, directors! Since the change of the association, we have held the first meeting of directors of all special committees. To be more specific, this is the first conference since the founding of the people's Republic of China, which is unprecedented in the history of industry development. People outside the industry want to invest 7.8 billion yuan to help us build "China International Rehabilitation Equipment Expo Center" or "distribution center". It can be seen that with the development of the industry, it has attracted the attention of many aspects of the society. In this regard, all directors have expressed good opinions and some of you have come up with design plans. Please leave the information and we will study it carefully after the meeting. I will not talk about this subject any more.

This is mainly to talk about the development and construction of the industry. Originally, the development trend of rehabilitation appliance industry was discussed in the "forum". After it was published on the Internet, 4647 people have read it. When we talk about development, it's time to talk about construction. The manuscript of "on the construction of China's rehabilitation equipment industry" has been written. Due to the long writing, today we mainly talk about the main points. There are four points to discuss: first, the functional orientation of the association. Why position? If the social position is not right, we can't figure out what to do, why to do it and what is the purpose (goal)? All these questions should be answered clearly. So as to unify the thinking, define the goal, work together and unite all people. Centripetal force and cohesion will naturally unite. The function orientation of the association is logically called "progressive", that is, service; how to serve; service standards to be achieved. One semicolon and one level progressive relationship. To sum up in words: to be a good (government) staff assistant, to do a good job in bridge and link, to promote cooperation and exchange, to promote bigger and stronger; to innovate working ideas, to explore service areas, to actively reflect demands, to learn from successful experience, to provide information support, to do a good job in talent training; to strengthen self-discipline, to stick to honesty and credibility, to maintain a harmonious environment, to create a civilized industry. Generally speaking, it means "providing services, reflecting demands and standardizing behaviors". This is the fundamental task set by the 17th National Congress of the party for our trade association. Therefore, in fact, it has become our work purpose, action program and activity criterion. 2、 The current opportunities are: first, the party and the government attach great importance to the disabled; second, the economic and social development has laid a material guarantee for the development of the cause of the disabled; third, the continuous improvement and improvement of the market economy system has stimulated the vitality of the industry; fourth, the transformation of government functions has provided a broad stage for the work of the association. 3、 The current work focus and task is to "straighten out the relationship, integrate resources, expand and strengthen, and play a role". 4、 The overall framework and thinking of the industry construction should first create a strong leading group of the industry association; have a group of decent leading enterprises; have a number of specialized production cooperation organizations; have well-known brands in the industry. The above is about the macro thinking of industry construction. Next, we will talk about how to be a good leader of departments and special committees. For your reference only. The directly affiliated institutions of China rehabilitation apparatus Association have set up a secretariat, a liaison department, a training department and a technology department. The branches include hearing aid and cochlear implant professional committee, rehabilitation equipment professional committee, wheelchair professional committee, artificial eye professional committee, prosthetic appliance professional committee, foot accessories professional committee, Shanghai office, Guangzhou office and Chengdu Office of China Rehabilitation Equipment Association. How to be a good leader of departments and special committees can be summed up as follows:

1、 The political direction is firm. We are the first-class Association of the state, which undertakes the regulatory function of an industry of the state. Although it is a social organization, the state has given us certain management responsibilities. Therefore, as the head of a professional committee and the leader of a department, we should be responsible for the party and the country. That is, we should earnestly implement the party's line, principles and policies in the light of our own areas of work and have a firm political orientation. We should have a sense of responsibility, overall situation, political awareness, a sense of responsibility and a sense of mission.

2、 Clear working ideas. As a first-class leader, how to do a good job in his / her own work must be based on the overall situation, clarify the overall work ideas, what is the focus of the work, what to do first, then what to do, and what working methods and strategies to be adopted, so as to achieve the expected purpose of the work. All of these are necessary for leaders. As the saying goes, "the Lord will have no plan and kill thousands of troops". Therefore, leaders are responsible for thinking. In addition, when considering work ideas, we must have a sense of advance, stand higher than the general staff and see further.

3、 The goal is clear. There is no goal, no direction, no cohesion in the work, similar to "blind people riding blind horses" running around, busy and doing nothing. Therefore, leaders and subordinates must have very clear goals. Each period also needs to have the concrete work goal and the work plan. The short-term plan should be detailed and the long-term goal should be clear. Don't give up until you reach your goal.

4、 Excellent work measures. Leaders should not only be good at putting forward ideas, making plans and goals, but also, more importantly, come up with specific and excellent measures to achieve the plans, tasks and goals. The measures should be targeted, feasible and operable.

5、 Solid work style. As a leader, the style of thinking, work and life should be rigorous, decent and exemplary. The style of leadership will directly affect subordinates and units. If the wind is not positive, it must be crooked. When it comes to work style, we are afraid of the boast of being leaders