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The 5th council and member representative meeting of China rehabilitation appliance association was held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province

The Fifth Council of the fifth session of China rehabilitation apparatus association was held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. Chen Chuanshu, member of the Party group of the Ministry of civil affairs and executive deputy director of the national Aging office, Wu Hongbiao, director of the Department of civil affairs of Jiangsu Province, and Jin Ergang, President of China rehabilitation appliance Association attended the meeting. Chen Chuanshu pointed out that in the active and in-depth study and practice of the scientific outlook on development in China's recuperator industry, the recuperator organization of civil affairs system should play a good role as a model and take the lead. In combination with the characteristics of the industry, it should closely focus on the fundamental issues such as the education of Party members, cadres and employees, the scientific development of the industry, and the benefits of the people, especially the service objects and employees in the industry One step is to emancipate the mind, seek truth from facts, reform and innovate, conscientiously enhance the consciousness and firmness of implementing the scientific outlook on development, strive to change the ideas that do not meet the requirements of scientific development, strive to solve the outstanding problems that affect and restrict scientific development and the outstanding problems that are strongly reflected by the masses, strive to build a system and mechanism conducive to scientific development, and improve the leading science The ability to develop and promote social harmony. When talking about the concept that the rehabilitation appliance industry should establish in the marketing process, Chen Chuanshu stressed that the living standard and quality of life of the vast majority of the disabled, the elderly and the disabled are at the lower middle level, and the prosthetics, orthotics, wheelchairs and rehabilitation appliances configured for them are products of medium and low consumption level. This determines that the industry in the marketing process, we must establish a concept, prostheses, orthotics, wheelchairs and rehabilitation equipment, not the more expensive the better. We should guide consumers to consume reasonably and moderately in the spirit of being highly responsible for the service objects.

Chen Chuanshu pointed out that by the end of 2007, there were about 153 million people aged 60 and over in China. With the development of aging and the trend of aging, the number of the elderly who can't take care of themselves is also increasing. At the same time that governments at all levels and all sectors of society give more care to the elderly, China's rehabilitation equipment industry should continue to expand its service areas in China, further strengthen its Chinese characteristics, provide more varieties and better quality rehabilitation equipment products for the elderly and the disabled, provide more characteristic rehabilitation services for the elderly and the disabled in need, and improve the health of the elderly and the disabled Quality of life. President Jin Ergang reported the work of this year's Association to all directors, and stressed on "five necessities" for future work, striving to serve the industry development. First, we must, in accordance with our own functions, build a good industry association in a timely manner. Since its name changed, the association has further broadened its business field, coordinated its management relationship, and defined its service functions from connotation to extension. The next step is to improve the internal mechanism and work plan as soon as possible and start to perform their respective responsibilities. Second, we must seize the opportunity of development and give full play to the function of the association. At present, according to the future development trend of the industry, the association should focus on "four promotion", namely: "promoting the industrialization and scale of the industry"; "promoting the construction of social security system"; "promoting the enterprise group"; "promoting the participation in market competition". Third, we must pay attention to point to area and grasp a number of leading enterprises. The association should actively guide all localities in accordance with the modern enterprise system, do a good job in deepening the reform of existing enterprises, focus on the construction of a number of leading enterprises, and promote the development of the whole industry to enhance the overall image of the whole industry. Fourth, we must integrate resources and strive to innovate the enterprise development model. In order to make the enterprises bigger and stronger, it is necessary to integrate resources and enhance their competitive power with the help of joint forces. In addition, it is necessary to gradually establish various forms of cooperative organizations within the company. Depending on these cooperative organizations, all kinds of products should be unified in style, specification, quality, brand, input and output, so as to produce products jointly certified by the standard committee, testing department and association, and develop a development path of rehabilitation equipment industry with Chinese characteristics. Fifth, we must enhance our national consciousness and create our own brand products. The development of the industry needs some excellent brands, which can not only enhance the image of national enterprises and industries, but also provide a platform for the development of the industry and the revitalization of national enterprises. Rehabilitation appliances can not always rely on imports, to enhance national awareness, to develop products with their own national characteristics, to dare to be the first, to do everything possible to develop world-class brands.