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What are the main contents and steps of amputee rehabilitation?


Reexamination of limb. Amputees, as disabled people, need comprehensive rehabilitation (or comprehensive rehabilitation) treatment if they want to recover the lost upper and lower limb functions and return to family and social life. The prosthesis assembly and use training play a key role in the overall rehabilitation of amputees, so the rehabilitation of amputees generally includes the following contents.

(1) Preparation before prosthesis assembly

① Psychological encouragement.

② Education to maintain good position of disabled limbs.

③ Promote the shaping of the disabled limbs.

④ Learn to maintain the health of the disabled and prostheses.

⑤ Do a full body workout to recover.

⑥ Do a good job of limb training.

⑦ Necessary conservative treatment and surgical treatment before assembly.

(2) Prescription and selection of prosthesis.

(3) Temporary prosthesis assembly and formal prosthesis assembly.

(4) Training of wearing and using the prosthesis after assembly.

(5) Sample inspection and final inspection of prosthesis.

(6) Arrange for vocational re education or enrollment.

(7) Help arrange employment.