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Can the prosthesis be installed after hip fracture?


Hip joint disconnection is to cut off the whole thigh. After operation, we should pay attention to strengthen the whole body exercise, control the weight, and bandage the residual hip with elastic bandage.

The traditional hip amputation prosthesis is a leather receiving cavity, which is supported by the residual side of the ischium when walking. It has a hip hinge, a knee hinge, and a hip hinge with a lock. When walking, the hip hinge is locked, and the knee joint can move. The prosthesis is cheaper but heavier. Most of the modern hip prostheses are Canadian type. The receiving cavity is made of reinforced resin, and the hip and knee joints are unlocked. The hip and knee support stability can be maintained by means of the axial forward movement of the hip joint, the backward movement of the knee joint and the back extension of the hip joint. This kind of prosthesis can have the action of bending the hip and knee when walking, and the walking posture is better. After exercise, this kind of artificial limb can not only walk, go up and down stairs, but also ride a bicycle.