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Deo won the title of advanced unit in 2008



In 2008, deo won the title of advanced unit in China's rehabilitation equipment industry. In 2008, at the China Rehabilitation Equipment Expo held in Nanjing, deo Rehabilitation Technology Industry Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of "advanced unit in 2008" by China rehabilitation equipment Council, and awarded the honorary card and bonus at the meeting. Attachment: Notice of China Association of rehabilitation equipment on carrying out the selection of "industry advanced unit" According to the strategic development plan of the association, in order to mobilize the enthusiasm of the members of the industry, gradually improve the overall quality of the industry, encourage the advanced, establish a positive atmosphere, further promote the implementation of the scientific development concept in the whole industry, and make new contributions in the creation of a harmonious society and a harmonious industry. Now it is decided to carry out the selection activity of "industry advanced unit", and the selected unit will obtain the honorary card and bonus issued by the association. The selection conditions of advanced units are as follows: first, they have won the qualification of "industry service standard unit"; second, they have an annual business volume of more than 10 million yuan and an annual profit of more than 2 million yuan; third, they have an annual investment in R & D, technology introduction and personnel training of more than 1 million yuan; 4、 They are keen on industry construction, actively participate in important activities of industry organizations, and make efforts and contributions in practical actions; 5. They are actively engaged in social public welfare undertakings, and have been awarded or awarded by prefecture or city level or above; 6. They have registered prostheses and orthotics practice

The total number of producers shall be at least 3 (for assembly units); 7. The products shall be sold to more than 10 countries (for production units); 8. More than two new products shall be developed each year (for production units).