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The trademark of


Deo trademark was first recognized as a famous trademark of Shanxi Province in 2009. After three years, the company again recognized the famous trademark of Shanxi Province in May 2012. Through the close cooperation of relevant departments of the company, detailed application materials have been prepared, and Taiyuan industrial and commercial department has made a preliminary assessment, and actually inspected the company's operation. After listening to the introduction of the chairman of the company, Mr. Zhao Bing, it has been fully recognized, and said that it will report to the provincial departments for assessment as soon as possible. The logo of deo can become a famous trademark in Shanxi Province, which marks the affirmation of the government and the recognition of the society. This is inseparable from the farsightedness of the company's leaders and the unity and cooperation of all employees. It is a milestone embodiment of the company's efforts to build deo into a provincial, national and even international famous brand.