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Financial management in the upper stage to boost the benefits of deo

According to the concept of "group management and fine management" put forward in the company's 2012 strategic plan, the planning and finance department introduced professional industry management software and successfully operated it in the first quarter of 2012 on the basis of more than two months of comprehensive research and careful reserves in 2011. This financial management reform marks the company's financial management platform entering a new era and improving financial management The level provides a strong financial guarantee for the company's orderly operation. Basically realized the company's simulation of group financial management, laying a good foundation for fine management.

Compared with the software used in the earlier stage, the latest management software of the industry introduced in this financial management has obvious advantages and use value, which are shown in the following aspects:

1. Comprehensive: realize the integrated management of supply, sales, storage and Finance

The management module is comprehensive. Compared with the traditional software, only the sales and financial network can be connected, only the function of timely delivery of sales documents can be realized, and the supply sales and warehousing logistics modules are added. It improves the management mode that materials management lags behind, accounts and materials are not synchronized, and reports are submitted slowly, which can not truly and timely reflect the business situation of the enterprise, and truly realizes the integrated management of supply, sale, storage and finance.

2. Powerful: quick data check, timely summary and analysis

The module has powerful functions, which can meet the needs of more than 30 sites, thousands of different specifications, colors and thicknesses of raw materials and thousands of different specifications of finished products, as well as the professional version of logistics module management, and the A / R and a / P module management with more than 400 customers and suppliers, all of which can make the accounting clear, data check fast, summary and analysis timely.

The management effect is obvious, which enables the finance department to accurately grasp all kinds of data and documents of business process, summarize data of different caliber, make report analysis in time, make correct decision quickly according to the market, adjust product structure pertinently, and issue production instructions accurately, so as to balance production and marketing, not only meet customer demand, but also reduce product backlog, in addition, it has multi-disciplinary development assistance Yes.

3. Institutionalization: process standardization, rationalization and institutionalization

The process is standardized and reasonable. The difference between computer and human brain is that it can only run according to the specified procedures. In the past, the business process was quite chaotic because of manual accounting. After using the software, the business process has been institutionalized without compromise. Therefore, the cost accounting of inventory is more accurate, and the revenue and expenditure receivable and payable are more reasonable. And according to the needs of business analysis, it can be reasonably adjusted for use and effectively open the source and reduce the cost.

4. Efficiency: simplified, fast and effective management analysis

In the past, due to the fact that the factory building and the management department are not in the same area, manual bookkeeping plus computer-aided accounting, monthly reconciliation between the financial staff and the warehouse, purchase and inventory, repeated work, waste of human and material resources, and due to the inevitable mistakes in the manual account, the financial staff spend a lot of time and energy, resulting in no energy to participate in financial management Compared with the above situation, the current financial work is simplified and fast, and the cost analysis, price comparison, department expense analysis and other management work can be effectively carried out by using the saved time.