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Zhao Bing, chairman of deo, was elected deputy director of China prosthetics and orthotics Committee


Congratulations to Zhao Bing, chairman of deo company, on being elected deputy director of China prosthetics and orthotics Committee! On October 24, 2008, the inaugural meeting of the prosthetics and orthotics Professional Committee of China rehabilitation appliance Association (hereinafter referred to as the "special committee") was successfully held in Beijing. President Jin Ergang, vice president Cai Weiyi, Bian Weiguo, Lin Shu and vice chairman of the special committee attended the meeting, which was chaired by Vice President and Secretary General Cai Weiyi. At the meeting, Cai Weiyi, vice president and secretary general, read out the document of the Ministry of Civil Affairs on Approving the establishment of the professional committee of prosthetics and orthotics (min she Deng [2007] No. 1076) and the list of deputy directors of the special committee; Jin Ergang, President, made an important speech and put forward specific requirements and hopes for the work of the special committee; each president issued a certificate to the deputy director of the special committee Zhao Bing, chairman of the board of directors of the company, was appointed as the deputy director of the China prosthetic and orthotic professional committee, and the company became the first. Four groups of units were awarded the title of "industry service standard unit", and the license plate was issued at the meeting.