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Deo new product - medical rehabilitation external fixation fixture - lower extremity fixation type

In order to prevent or inhibit the skin scar hyperplasia and limb swelling, the external fixator - lower limb fixator (commonly known as medical combined lower limb fixator) of the medical rehabilitation of Germany and Austria uses the open control pressure therapy to exert appropriate pressure on the body surface.

The main clinical effects of stress therapy are as follows:

1 control scar hyperplasia

By changing the capillary and blood flow of hypertrophic scar, interfering with the growth of scar fibroblasts, it can effectively prevent and treat hypertrophic scar;

2. Control edema and reduce bleeding

It can promote the circulation of blood and lymph and reduce the edema;

3 promote body shaping

It can promote the molding of amputation stump and facilitate the assembly and use of prosthesis;

Prevention of joint contracture and deformity

The contracture and deformity caused by hypertrophic scar can be prevented and treated by controlling scar hyperplasia;

Prevention of deep vein thrombosis

Pressure therapy can prevent the formation of deep vein thrombosis of lower limbs in long-term bedridden patients;

Prevention and treatment of varicose veins of lower limbs

It can prevent the occurrence of varicose veins of lower limbs in people who are engaged in sedentary or standing work for a long time.


Bandage the limbs mainly in the following situations: burn, soft tissue injury, local hemorrhage and edema of wound and fracture; limb swelling of vein and lymphangiopathy; limb swelling of the ground after lying in bed for a long time.

Product composition

1. 2. Some elastic bandages with stretch rate mark of different length;

3. A suit composed of an individual surface positioning inner lining; 4. A craft portable scissors.


1. According to the length of the lower limbs of the patients, select the appropriate bandage suit, put the foot suit into the ankle joint, spread the suit on the bed surface, locate the front patella and the lower leg of the liner according to the indication liner, raise the lower limbs in the straight position and then put them into the suit, paste the magic stick on the inner side of the liner on the outer surface of the other end of the liner, so as to make the liner well fit on the body surface.

2. Starting from the ankle joint of the distal leg, determine the stretch rate of the color strip, and then apply the two ends of the elastic bandage to the lining surface according to the color strip.

Note: elastic bandages should be placed from the far end to the near end, and the specific stretching rate should be determined under the guidance of doctors.

When removing, remove the elastic bandage Velcro from the proximal thigh to the ankle joint in turn, then remove the Velcro on the inner lining, and finally remove the foot sleeve, and then remove it completely.

See the manual for details.

The comparison between the traditional bandages and the deo bandages

Traditional bandages:


Deo strap: