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[morning news of life] National wheelchair football team


Meng Yuan, the publicity image ambassador of Shanxi disabled people's thousand mile donation national wheelchair rugby team to welcome the Olympic Games, and Shenyang China Paralympic Committee also sent a thank-you letter and donation certificate (picture: ceremony held in Shenyang training venue). Zhang Qiliang, chief reporter of Shanxi morning life news The Paralympic Games beckoned to us. Many disabled people in Shanxi have a wish to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime International Olympic Games held at home. "Although we can't compete, we would like to integrate in other ways and contribute to the Paralympics." Guo Yunxia, as the national public publicity image ambassador of "welcoming the Olympic Games, stressing civilization and building new style", went north to Shenyang in a wheelchair and dedicated the boxing love of Shanxi disabled people to the national wheelchair football team. In the training venues with five-star red flag, Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games flag, she realized the dream of "helping the disabled with the disabled" into the Olympic Games, and also experienced the hardships of wheelchair rugby, a sport not known to all.

On June 8, 89 days before the opening of the Beijing Paralympic Games, disabled people in our province received a letter of thanks and donation certificate from the China Paralympic Committee. On May 11, this year, Guo Yunxia, a disabled wheelchair, entered Taiyuan railway station with her wheelchair on the eve of national disability day. She was worried about finding an accessible passage. The station staff pointed out the most convenient passage for her, but she still had to step up 50 steps to reach the platform. "It's not convenient to get out in a wheelchair. Do you want to go far? You look familiar. I often see you on TV! " With the help of good passengers and station staff, Guo Yunxia, a paraplegic at a high level, got on the platform smoothly. The door of the train and the passage wheelchair in the car can't go through at all, and entering the car becomes a trouble again. It wasn't until the same passenger carried Guo Yunxia to the berth that her heart became firm. The conductor said enthusiastically, "if you need help on the road, just say it. It's too hard to get on the train in a wheelchair. Where is it going?" "I will go to Shenyang, on behalf of the disabled people in Shanxi Province, to offer love to the national wheelchair football team, and donate the rehabilitation supplies and Shanxi specialty red dates to the national team members who are preparing for the war. No matter how hard they work, no matter how hard they work, they will also be delivered!" When the train started, Guo Yunxia looked out of the window at the familiar city and gradually disappeared into the field of vision. With the help of other disabled friends, she started the love journey. Watching other passengers get on the train and keep drinking water, she dare not drink a mouthful. "It's a long journey, 24 hours on the train. I can't go to the toilet alone, so I don't dare to drink water casually, and try to reduce the number of times to relieve hands by eating less and drinking less. " Guo Yunxia said with a smile, "other people's travel bags carry a lot of drinks and water, while most of my bags are diapers and urine bags. Because most of the toilets on the train are squatting, we can't use them at all. Every time we go to the toilet, we have to go to the soft sleeper car to find a seat. " During the day and night, she only went to the toilet once. Because the door of the toilet was too narrow, she had to squeeze in and out. When the train arrives at Shenyang station, the conductor will hold Guo Yunxia, who has no walking ability, off the train. The staff of China Disabled Persons' Federation and Liaoning disabled persons' Federation have met at the platform. We will pass on our care and help Guo Yunxia realize her wish of "traveling thousands of miles, helping the disabled with the disabled". Coach Wen Yan of the national team endured the pain of bone stab and personally organized the donation acceptance ceremony in the training venues with five-star red flag, Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games flag. Twelve team members got the rehabilitation protection articles donated by disabled friends in Shanxi, and also tasted the authentic Shanxi specialty red dates. Everyone laughed happily. They thanked the disabled friends of Shanxi Province for their deep friendship, and for the first time since the formation of the team, they accepted social donations. Guo Yunxia's love for the Paralympic Games is a rare opportunity in China. We should cherish it. Although we are not athletes, we think how good we can integrate into the Paralympic Games and how we can do something for the Paralympic Games Dr. Zhao Bing, who is engaged in the rehabilitation work for the disabled in the provincial city, won the national advanced personal honor for helping the disabled seven years ago. When he learned that the disabled friends around him wanted to offer love for the Paralympic Games, he couldn't conceal his excitement: "in the 5000 year history of civilization of the Chinese nation, we have never met such a grand event in the past, so it's really rare to have such an opportunity. We should think of serving Orlin What does peak do? We are very pleased to make some contributions to our country and society, and we are willing to help them realize this dream.

When we are old, it will be a good memory to see the pictures and words left behind. " The wishes of Guo Yunxia and his disabled friends coincide with Dr. Zhao Bing's ideas. They expressed their willingness to donate to the national wheelchair rugby team preparing for the Paralympic Games in the name of the public welfare group of the Paralympic walking club. Guo Yunxia contacted Wang Sheng, a disabled friend in Rizhao, Shandong Province. This year, he was selected into the national wheelchair football team and was training in Shenyang. Through mutual exchanges, he learned that wheelchair football is a very challenging sport, and its hardships are not known by ordinary people. He also explained his donation wish. Wang Sheng promised to contact the team for specific donation matters. National wheelchair football team is training, Shanxi disabled friends want to offer love, the other side at first but a bit hesitant. First of all, the training funds of the national team are guaranteed, and there is no precedent for receiving social donations before. secondly,