Deo Rehabilitation Technology Industry Co., Ltd

CEO's speech

Dear colleagues

The development of rehabilitation is an important sign of the progress of human civilization. The development level of rehabilitation engineering technology, to a certain extent, determines the level and height of rehabilitation development. Nowadays, the explosive development of natural basic science will inject new vitality and blood into the development of rehabilitation engineering. At present, China's rehabilitation projects are facing great challenges: the business scale of Chinese enterprises is relatively small, the overall competitiveness of the industry is insufficient, the industrial foundation is weak, the supporting industry is incomplete, the industrial chain is incomplete, the industrial scale, brand and overall competitiveness are weak, the level of product research and development is relatively low, and the comprehensive performance and reliability of the products are still a certain gap, so it is difficult to compete with foreign enterprises, It is in a disadvantageous position in the industrial competition. Rehabilitation engineering industry is a typical field of high-tech industry, which is characterized by intensive application of high-tech, extensive interdisciplinary, and integration of technology. It is a concentrated embodiment of a country's cutting-edge technology development level and technology integration application ability.

I used to be a doctor. I know the importance of the level of rehabilitation technology to a patient's rehabilitation, even to the whole society. I would like to join hands with my peers and employees to seize the opportunity, take advantage of the situation, work hard together, strengthen management, and strive for the development and expansion of China's rehabilitation and rehabilitation industry.