Deo Rehabilitation Technology Industry Co., Ltd

Corporate culture

Enterprise Vision: To build a first-class enterprise and strive for the first brand of China's rehabilitation technology industry.

Entrepreneurial spirit: "Being honest and working hard" "Uniting and striving for excellence".

The concept of enterprise hiring: those who are capable, those who are equal, those who are mediocre, strive to create a good environment for talent development, and build a knowledge-based team that is going international.

Corporate outlook:

Take pride in honesty and trustworthiness, shame in seeing benefits and forgetting righteousness

Take pride in love and dedication, ashamed of passive downtime

Proud of diligence and frugality, ashamed of extravagance and waste

Proud of loyalty and confidentiality, ashamed of betrayal and disclosure

Proud to study hard, shame to mediocrity

Proud of civility and politeness, ashamed of vulgarity and brutality

Take pride in taking responsibility and be ashamed to shirk responsibility

Proud to abide by disciplines and laws, ashamed to violate laws and discipline

Corporate core values: people-oriented, benefiting society

1. Caring for employees and paying attention to talents. The survival of an enterprise is inseparable from employees. Through scientific management, the correct world outlook and outlook on life are integrated into each employee to form a correct concept. The company develops while allowing employees to grow in career And health and welfare are guaranteed, with dignity, reflect personal value, and get a sense of happiness.

2. Dedicated to the society and users with first-class services and high-quality products, recognized to reflect the social value of the enterprise, solve problems for the country, create employment opportunities for more people, become qualified corporate citizens, and contribute to the healthy development of society .

3. Maintain the interests of investors, take scientific management as the driving force for the development and growth of the enterprise, take scientific and technological innovation as the first production element, uphold the culture of Shanxi businessmen who are "integrity, pragmatism, and innovation" to ensure the sustainable development of the enterprise.